Score! Classic Goals Review

Score! Classic Goals claims to be a fun puzzle game, even if you are not a football fan, which is very happy because I am not a football fan, I have no idea about the offside rule, and I am not even sure what constitutes a classic goal, so I certainly do not have the ability to recognize it or score it.

However, I can confirm this score! Classic Goals is a fun puzzle game, even if you are not a football fan. I know there is a replica of a kick that Gazza did to score a goal, or something that Beckham did once, but it’s not really important because really score! is always entertaining under its well-produced football packaging. If anything, the game has only increased my appreciation for a Sport I don’t usually like – which is more than I can say for FIFA, so well done to touch the matches for the first time.

The idea is to replicate some classic international goals from the past forty years, with a top-down record of history that you want to replicate before you’re responsible for sweeping the Play-by-Play moments and hitting the last satisfying kick into the back of the net (that’s a football term, isn’t it?).

Fluff your line drawing and you will basically break the story, which makes the body bending curve of the ball in the hands of the goalkeeper. At first, your Flicks only control the direction of the ball, but in after difficulty levels, the speed of your sweeping movements will also assess the strength of the kick.

The ultimate success of the game is that scoring these supposedly classic goals is actually very satisfying, but since the game is not licensed, you have to be a real football nut to recognize who actually does what if the classic goal in question is removed from the group stage of an obscure Asian tournament. And if you’re the kind of die-hard Fan who’s really into these classic goals, maybe it could take a little of the shine off, but as you might expect, it didn’t really affect my experience.

While the basics are great, some of the random details might have to do with a little work. The game’s typical three-star scoring system is far too dull, for example, and the scoring system is not particularly well explained, so it can be very difficult to tell why some of your moves get full scores, where others are punished with a lone star.

Nevertheless, the excellent presentation of the game-it has an atmosphere of one of those football magazines that your friends (or maybe even you) bought earlier than you were a child-and the responsive and tactile nature make the game a simple and impactful pleasure. I may have no idea what constitutes a classic goal, but it is impossible not to notice This score! is a quality game.

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